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NP Engineering
+27 (0)82 335 0945
141 Trouw street, Capital Park
Pretoria 0084
  • Duct systems cleaning and validation
  • Air handling units repairs and maintenance
  • Air conditioning service repair and installation
  • Generator repairs, service and maintenance
Social Responsibility
All children deserve a chance at education and a better life. Being from impoverished families can hinder that for some children. NP Engineering decided to invest in young women and give them the chance of having a hundred percent school attendance all year round. Sanitary towels/ pads are donated to the pupils of Kgabo Primary school on a monthly basis.

This prevents absenteeism due to lack of proper sanitary toiletries. It also boosts their confidence levels and allows them to attend school with no fear. Improving children’s lives and uplifting the community is our focus. Motivational talks and career guidance takes place once a month to motivate the learners and help them understand careers and their futures better. This is done by our company personnel and to the full benefit of the young ones.

All grade one (1) learners are provided with school shoes every year to help ease the stress of starting school and not having the proper uniform. Winter season is harsh and helping them find comfort and boost confidence is our ultimate goal. Orphans and child headed families are also provided with groceries on a monthly basis.

This helps alleviate hunger and lessens the effects of poverty. The beneficiaries are young pupils from poor backgrounds who are determined to get an education and build a better future. Hunger can prevent concentration and affect studies, preventing the hunger is important to the children’s development.

Kgabo Primary School - Shoe Campaign
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Kgabo Primary School - Sanitary Pads Campaign
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